Our School

Loreburn Central School

Loreburn Central School is a Leader in Me School.  We began the process in 2012-2013.  Our Mission: Growing leaders for a better tomorrow, is what drives us each day. Our close knit staff work with their students to maintain high standards in both athletics and academics throughout the year. This collaboration has given LCS an atmosphere of welcome and friendliness to parents, guests and other schools. A great factor in this atmosphere is our belief that each person has genius and we strive to nurture the strengths of each person at LCS and to work to expand other attributes through their strengths. As a result, students have taken a more active role in their education and their school. The SLC (Student Leadership Committee) and the Student Lighthouse Team also meet regularly to plan fundraisers and fun things for their peers at school. We invite you to stop by for a visit anytime to see the great things we doing at LCS.
Through synergizing, the students and staff updated our Vision, and Mission statement and created a Rally Cry, or school motto.